She is Africa. She is Afrikin beauty 🌍✨

Culture represents us and reminds us of what’s more important. African Culture has a transformative impact on the world and keeps fueling creativity in the diaspora.

Afrikin seeks to represent the essence of the motherland, celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures within the African diaspora, and recover our place, without ever forgetting where we came from ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

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Afrikin® is a minority-owned social enterprise that utilizes art and cultural experiences of African origin to build bridges between personal choice and the good of humanity. The term Afrikin® is the fusion of two words — Africa and kinship. Afrikin® emphasizes cultural connection and kinship across ethnic lines. It focuses on engagement and quality of care, rebranding Africa’s image in the west to allow for more strategic business partnerships.

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