Journal & Color Bundle 1

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African Coloring & Activity Book and Self-Discovery Journal Bundle, Offering Unique Coloring and Activity Books that Highlight African/Black Culture and Heritage. The positive affirmations within the crafted journal will provoke focused thoughts and speak to the essence of you and – the perfect way to awaken your identity reflections. Start manifesting your true self today.

This bundle delivers the richness of African traditions and aesthetics. This bundle is dedicated to promoting a positive image of Africa and Black people. African culture is a valid and important piece of the human experience, an exciting, expanding movement.

This bundle offers a type of product that has been missing in the market for far too long. They make for great family time, but also exercise the brain through creativity, generosity, imagination and problem-solving.

This bundle, carefully created and curated for authenticity, communicate not only the powerful stories of Black people of African origin, but also the distinctive color scheme of the continent and its many cultures, in addition to motivational quotes for self improvement.

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Journal & Color Bundle 1
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