AfriKin: A New Way of Being Journal


Discovering your identity isn’t just important for getting through life – it’s absolutely critical to the development of your soul. This crafted journal is designed to give you a one-way ticket to a self-discovery journey. Elevating your mind as you journal the new you. You are the differentiator!

Learn how to change yourself and embrace your new identity as someone who cares, loves, and gives. Become who you’ve always been, showcasing your true identity to that vast world in front of you. You might be entering into a new way of being, but you are, always have been, and will always be – AfriKin.

  • Customized design with engaging and motivational prompts. The core aim of the journal is to increase productivity
  • Encouraging words to help you find your true self and instantly uplift your mood – a crucial step towards growth and development.
  • African/Black cultured journal to motivate the unrepresented part of the society. AfriKin has curated this journal to highlight the role of art and culture in human development and enrichment.
  • Unlock your own inner secrets with this guided self-discovery journal. This masterpiece is printed locally in Miami.
  • A classic piece of art, carefully designed for you – a chance for you to create a positive interchange for yourself!
  • All in-house designs, printed locally in Miami.

AfriKin: A New Way of Being Journal offers a sense of vigilance — where you document your life and hold yourself accountable to love the life you live and lead the life you love!

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AfriKin: A New Way of Being Journal
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