AfriKin Ground Coffee


This is a 1lb bag of gourmet roasted artisanal coffee. Even before our gourmet coffee touches your lips, the fresh-roasted aroma lifts your senses.  With this deep essence of flavor, our beans percolate conversations amongst baristas and coffee lovers alike.  The taste and richness bring satisfaction and enjoyment that transcends time and space.  Our coffee love story touches many intimately – it is personal and ingrained.  Good coffee is felt on many levels – smell, taste, warmth, invigoration – poetry in a sip.   Quality with character released by well cared for beans.  We grow with love to share with you.  A true work of art that must be followed from the start.  The region chosen by Afrikin expresses appreciation in its origins.  We offer the finest caliber coffees, prepared and packed on the day the order is dispatched.  So, grab a cup of this love – a legend of coffee.

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AfriKin Ground Coffee
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