The Infinite Colors of AfriKin Vol 1


The Infinite Colours of AfriKin Vol 1: Adult Coloring Book of Black African Icons. Unwind and Relax, find a way to color away your stress.

Voted the best African Adult Coloring Book Series of Black Icons on the market.

If you’re looking for a good adult coloring book for all experience levels you have landed on the right page.

Celebrate influential people of African/Black descent through our beautifully curated coloring book. Along with being relaxing, this book will help you learn more about the heritage and leading icons of African/Black descent. So, if you’re looking to wind down after a hard day, why not make it a little informative too!

When was the last time your mind stayed focused so intently on something that wasn’t a screen? Find a way to retain your focus and channel your stress into colors. Have a look at our wide range of coloring pages collection to choose to color from. Get the chance to cultivate motivation in yourself by learning the great stories of the African/Black icons. Coloring will expand your mind and the inspiring designs give out the perfect visual appeal for all art lovers. The final masterpiece will definitely turn out better than you expect which you can use to celebrate the kinship that every icon helped create to continue their legacy to live on for future generations.

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Infinite colors and infinite possibilities await. AfriKin for the culture!

  • The spiral binding allows the book to sit flat while in use, and the extra thickness keeps ink from bleeding through the paper onto the next page.
  • This coloring book is specially designed using a thick quality paper so you can cherish every design without ruining the other one.
  • Perfect both ways – the pages are perforated for easy removal and framing if you want to display your masterpiece
  • Crafted Proficiently – a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to practice some mindfulness.
  • Whether you need to combat boredom, ease feelings of restlessness, or need some quiet time to yourself, this adult coloring book is a great alternative to technology and social media.
  • Voted best African Icons Adult Coloring Book series printed locally in Miami, FL.

This coloring book is perfect for every adult, of any skill level. The book has pages ranging from simple and beginner-friendly to detailed imagery, and is even suitable for those who want more advanced artwork. This coloring book for adults is detailed in design and created to keep even the most advanced artists entertained for hours on end.

Browse our collection of Black African icons designed to stand out and draw you in. Whether you’re searching for peace of mind or family time, coloring is one of the truest forms of self-expression. The world that we know and love is full of bright and vibrant colors. Black culture embodies every color of the visible spectrum, and that’s something that makes it so very unique. Add color to some of the most remarkable events of African history and feel the power of these Black icons as their contributions spring to life when you color through the pages of this book. Infinite colors and infinite possibilities await.

Africa Coloring Book
The Infinite Colors of AfriKin Vol 1
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